Second car and Insurance - RichardP
Hi, I'm considering buying a 'weekend' car and am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a insurance compny which can offer competitive insurance on a car which is only covers small annual milages. I'm nearly 25 and have 4 years no claims on a 2 litre W reg diesel Vectra saloon and am looking at getting a mid eighties Capri or 2.8 Granada Ghia saloon, which would cover no more than say 4000 miles a year.
However, I realise that I need to start a new policy with zero no claims. I had a quote from my present insurer who cover me on the Vectra, for £1050 a year on the Granada!! My premium for the Vectra is only £550 a year with breakdown cover and a protected NCB! Maybe it's a silly idea after all...anyone had experience with insuring a second car for sensible money?

Second car and Insurance - DavidHM
Try Footman James, who are a specialist classic insurer although I have had no dealings with them. Also, if you're going to buy a car like this, join the appropriate owners' club because they will have a lot of experience with insurance in this situation. Waiting a few weeks or months until you're 25 will probably also help as a lot of classic policies have age restrictions to take care of the boy racer element that would see an 83 Astra GTE as a classic alternative to a 'sorted' Nova...

Certain insurance companies, although I can't think of any that are particularly good for someone our age (you must be almost exactly the same age as me), actually let you use your NCB on both cars that you own. That would involve transferring the Veccy's insurance though and they may not let you do it immediately.
Second car and Insurance - Dizzy {P}
I agree with DavidHM and others who suggest classic car insurance and I would add that several of these insurance companies give a discount for members of the appropriate owners' club. Some also require you to own an 'everyday' car as well as the classic car.

Fully comprehensive insurance for my 1972 Triumph 2500 with Adrian Flux costs me (an oldie) about £60 for 1500 miles/annum or £90 for 3000 miles/annum. Adrian Flux were very competitive on their quotes and asked only for £10 administration charge when I upped the agreed value from £2800 to £6000 following an official valuation. The only irritant is that I have to send them six recent photos of the car every year (or two), and they won't accept digital or polaroid photos.
Second car and Insurance - teabelly
I'm with Aon for my triumph vitesse. Unlimited mileage and class 1 use to boot for £120 (I'm 28). It is book value rather than agreed value but they will accept a valuation from a club and I don't think they want lots of photos.

Second car and Insurance - Dynamic Dave
Have you tried obtaining a quote from Footman James?
Second car and Insurance - Dynamic Dave
DavidHM, you beat me to it. Great minds think alike ;o)
Second car and Insurance - RichardP
Wow, how do people reply so fast?! Thanks, I will have a look at the site you've both suggested. Anyone own or driven a Capri or Granada? I just want something a little different!
Second car and Insurance - RichardP
I got a quote from Footman James on a 1984 Granny 2.8 Ghia for up to 5000 miles a year for £280! I thinks that's quite good as I said I had zero applicable no claims (as it's a new policy) My present Insurer and Direct line wanted nearly £1000! I'll be looking for something later this year hopefully. Anyone know any good 2.8 Granadas (MK II) or 2.8 Capris knocking about??
Second car and Insurance - kev the rev
Have you tried Ravenswood Insurance on 020 8390 4821 / 4825

They were consistantly the cheapest for classic car ins. when I owned a Lotus Excel for a number of years.

Worth a call


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