Exhaust question - johnmac
Hi again,

My Exhaust on a ford fiesta 1.8lx has a massive hole about 3/4 the way to the end just before the (silencer?) part.

Do Exhausts come in 2 or 3 part , would i order a middle section, or do you usually buy a complete exhaust ?

tahnks for any help.
Exhaust question - Hairyharry
I always replaced the full exhaust on my Fiesta - its a relatively cheap system and doesn't justify the work involved in fitting individual parts.
I'm sure you could get Fiesta exhausts as either a one or two piece system - two piece system alot easier to transport - don't know what present situation is with these.
Exhaust question - johnmac
Is there anywhere online you can buy car parts , i.e. an exhaust in this cas?

Cant seem to find anywhere.
Exhaust question - Hairyharry
Enter "ford car parts" in www.google.co.uk & specify Pages From UK. Will return dozens of matches.
For most ford parts find your local motor factor e.g. Partco - they will stock most things you will need at a good price.
Exhaust question - jc
Most Fords have one piece fitted in production and then multi-piece for service-some come with instructions as to where to cut production parts so that only the rear can be replaced.Also some service systems are one-piece if easy to fit.ie.you don't have to disconnect shocks etc..But you can still get just bits.
Exhaust question - james_60

Just had my exhaust system changed

that was the back and centre section (complete)

though its a base model car the exhaust cost £75

J Stephenson
Exhaust question - Andy P
Most of the time you'll find that the joint between the rear and centre section has corroded together so that it's nigh on impossible to separate them. A hole in the centre section normally means a new back box as well. This has got to be one of the best designed-in flaws I've seen.


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