Top motoring tips requested - volvoman
Regulars here will be aware that we have a thread called 'Trade Secrets from HJ's Back Room' in which we are trying to collect a wide array of motoring tips, do's and don'ts.

Since there are now so many new 'faces' round here I thought it was time to highlight the thread again in the hope that more valuable contributions to it will follow.

A quick read of threads I & II will reveal some very useful tips and I'm sure we'd all like to see this develop so we can all benefit from the combined knowledge and experience of HJ's Back Room.
Top motoring tips requested - matt35 {P}

Excuse me if I posted this before - Last year I bought a tyre pressure gauge and pump - plug in to lighter socket - £18-00 at Halfords.
Took it to the local Weights and Measures Office who very happily tested, it free of charge, up to 100psi, and in between.
It was within .1% at all pressures.
Don't know if this is a Trade Secret!

Top motoring tips requested - Nsar
Volvoman - it may be helpful to point out that this thread (which I didn't know about till your post) is in technical not discussion
Top motoring tips requested - volvoman
Quite righ Nsar - i didn't bother to mention that since I thought the regulars would know and anyone else would just do a search and get taken there automatically. It's true, however, that quite a few discussion forum 'activists' don't use the technical forum and that's why I posted this reminder here.
Many good ideas appear in the Back Room from time to time yet still some people don't post them to the Trade Secrets thread. I'm happy to do it when I see such third party tips and I think we'd all benefit if anyone spotting a good tip lurking in the plethora of posts in both forums took the trouble to copy them to the Trade Secrets thread, acknowledging the originator if necessary.

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