Urgent Help Wanted - Pug306xldt
I have resprayed my peugeot 306 bonnet, and I would like some help, the paint has a very good shine but its not smooth, it has a bumperty effect and I would like some help on how to take away the bumperty effect and make it look smooth and flat.

Any tips?


Urgent Help Wanted - Dynamic Dave
You\'ll need to flat down the paint with some wet and dry. Quite what grade I have no idea. Once you have flatted the paint, it will then require going over with a fine cutting agent to return the paintwork from matt back to shiny. And finally a good polishing. A bodyshop should be able to advise of what grades of wet/dry to use. Did you use a spraygun, or a tin from the local motorists shop? If the latter, be very careful rubbing with wet/dry as you could just end up taking off what you sprayed on as aerosol paints don\'t give the same levels of thickness as a spraygun.
Urgent Help Wanted - Pug306xldt
Hi Dynamic Dave,

I used a spraygun and gave it plenty of coats.

Thanks for your help.

I will buy the finest wet/dry and I will give it a go then I will use a fine cutting agent and then some good polish.

Hopefully this will do the trick

How much to respray a Peugeot 306 Bonnet - Pug306xldt

I need my peugeot 306 bonnet respraying and I can't find anyone in Bedford who would respray it quite cheap.

I Have contacted all local bodyshops and they want £300 just to respray a bonnet.

Does anyone know anywhere local to Bedford who could respray my bonnet quite cheaply not to expensive.


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