Mondeo 16v engine reliability - kal
Does any body have any idea as to the general reliability of modern ford 16v engines fitted to the latest mondeo\'s. How do they rate in terms of performance, durability and reliability.

Mondeo 16 engines - Blue {P}
AFAIK they're the best ever made by Ford (and designed with Yamaha I think)

If serviced properly you should see at least 200,000 miles out of any Mondeo, depending on the driving style.

I think they're pretty good all rounders. I've got the baby brother in my car, a 1.25 Zetec and my mate just commented last night how much better it sounds than his Micra, he says my car makes a proper engine noise when it gets going, whereas his Micra just screams. :-) He used to hae a 1.8 Mondeo which he loved and the engine purred like a kitten in that, but then it had only done 100K.

Mondeo 16 engines - kal
The latest ones are designed in conjunction with Mazda in which Ford is a major shreholder, but its intersting to note how ford has moved up the curve on engines and also how quickly they are being improved upon. I wonder if we athe next generation of engines made in conjunction with Volvo/Mazda/Ford.

Are these ford engines cheap to service and maintain and are parts cheap and readily available in the classic ford tradition.

I agree with you on the Fiesta 1.25 zetec the engine is a gem, but I beleive that in the new generation of Fiesta the engines are not carried but are of a newer and more different design
Mondeo 16 engines - Blue {P}
Indeed they are different.

My new 1.4 has a higher output, but the same reported economy figures as my old 1.25 :-)

As I don't pick the new one up until tommorow I haven't had a chance to test these claims yet...

Mondeo 16v engine reliability - Omegaman
Reliable engine this. Can get a bit clattery at the top end after 6 figure mileages - worn valve gear, though not massively expensive to put right. Watch the cambelt replacements ie don't neglect them!. Regular, good quality oil changes are also important (it's probably been said a thousand times on this website alone!).
Should be good for 150-200K, as already stated.
Mondeo 16v engine reliability - Aprilia
If we are talking about the latest (2001-on) 'Duratec' engines which have a chain-driven cam, then these are likely to be a good engine. The engine was designed by Mazda (Ford own 49% of Mazda) and manufactured in slightly different specs. around the world. The engine appears in the Mazda 6, various Fords, Mecurys etc. and Mazda small trucks etc. The ones fitted to UK Fords are made in Mexico I think.

As to reliability - well I don't think the statistics yet exist to say whether they will routinely do 200k, but Mazda have a long tradition of building reliable engines.

Interesting how Ford are pulling out of designing anything they make. Small engines designed by Yamaha, mid-capacity by Mazda, auto-transmission interests now sold to ZF, Mazda to design the next generation of manual tranmissions...........


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