Cleaning plastic bumpers - Dudley
Bumpers on my Rover 218 are various shades of the grey plastic, thanks to years of wear & tear and I can't find what will get them back to a uniform appearance.

I've tried "Mer", petrol, meths, brake cleaner, Jif, white spirit, blanket spirit, turbo spray on my garden pressure washer - none have done the job.

Any bright brain out there can offer me some advice please? I'm not against doing it inch by inch, but I can't find the right solvernt/cleaner....... yet
Cleaning plastic bumpers - Roger Jones
There's a bumper cleaner in the Autoglym range, but perhaps you don't need to do any more cleaning. So I guess your best hope is something like Back to Black, which works well on tyres and black(ish) bumpers; I don't know whether there are other variants for greys and other colours.
Cleaning plastic bumpers - Carl
I had the same problem years ago on a Rover 214, and tried every solvent and cleaning product I could think of, just like you, with no effect.

I think is the poor quality plastic that Rover used, which weathers poorly and is bleached by UV light, you see the same problem with older Astras and Corsas

The only solution is to use Back to Black, though this does pick up a lot of dust and dirt, or a new bumper
Cleaning plastic bumpers - none
Ford / Iveco dealers stock spray cans of Matt black bumper paint. I've used it on the grp bumpers as fitted to the Iveco 7.5t lorries. Seems to work OK.
Cleaning plastic bumpers - Andrew-T
Give the Autoglym Bumper Care stuff a try - I don't think you really want to turn your grey bumpers black just yet. It improved the appearance of grey 205 bumpers and the effect usually lasts a few months before you need to repeat.
Cleaning plastic bumpers - DavidHM
Turtle Wax Extreme bumper cleaner, as sold in Halfords, also works, although it does need to be reapplied every couple of months. In my experience at least, the Halfords own brand stuff is utter rubbish though.
Cleaning plastic bumpers - lordwoody
Some years ago I read a similar query and the recommended treatment was a plastic trim cleaner sold by VW dealers- they all sell it in their parts departments and I've found it very good.
Cleaning plastic bumpers - Dudley
Some really good replies here - thank you all. I'll be off tomorrow searching for what's in the shops. I'll let you know, particularly since this seems to be a troublesome one to solve.

I thought I might also call on the "specialist" car valet places in the industrial area - they might have some whizzo chemical, the sort of thing that's harmfull to me, the dogs, the environment, etc., but will do a good job!
Cleaning plastic bumpers - Dudley
Andrew, you're right, I don't want black bumpers. I followed your tips and bought Autoglym Bumper Car today and it's just the job!! Ran out of daylight doing things tonight but the results so far are clearly just what I needed. So, thanks for the advice!

I see this was moved to discussion - I would have thought it more a technical solution? Maybe I now need to review Discussions as much as Technical!

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