Deep Cover - Nsar
On my way home last night. At the front at some lights when I notice a blue flashing light on the dash of a car about three cars back. Then in my wing mirror I see the car pull out of the line with rapid flashing blues in the radiator area or poss under bumper, now siren going. It speeds around the traffic and turns left at the junction while on red. It was a G reg Cavalier complete with extensive rust patches. 13 years old? Is this a record?
For the record it was at the top end of Cheetham Hill Road in Manchester, at the Halfway House junction.
Deep Cover - AR-CoolC
I remember a few years ago driving through the middle of Derby in he early hours, waiting at some lights when a white Sierra Saphire Cosworth pulled up next to me, full boy racer treatment, big alloys, spoilers and dustbin exhaust, when it pulled away I just noticed the pop up lights on the back parcel shelf.
Not as old as your Cavalier but it did make me chuckle.

Deep Cover - Dwight Van Driver
There are certain Branches of Police, Security Services who because of the nature of their work have to appear low-key but nevertheless have to respond at times, hence crap looking vehicles.

Yet, on the other hand there are p******s who pretend to be the real thing on a low budget by buying neon lights etc....

Thing is and worrying is that you cannot tell the difference.

Deep Cover - pdc {P}
A couple of years ago, on the A500 in Stoke, in my hot head days, white van man had been in outside lane for well over a mile and had plenty of chances to move to lane 1. So I undertook and as I passed him on went blue lights under the grille. Obviously I **** myself, until they went off 2 seconds later and I realised it was just white van man with a set of blue lights he shouldn't have.

Sometimes I wish that I had a set, esp when I let the tailgaters by. Would be wonderful.
Deep Cover - Altea Ego
I live near A3, and during the times when McClaren were testing the F1\'s between Guildford and the M25, Surreys finest had a nice collection of stealth cars to try and nab them. Saw one scoobie with nicely hidden blue lights, and at one time there was a very sus Lotus Carlton around.

There were no \"Q\" cars in the Chertsey police garage tho when Nicole and I took her beaver scout troup on a visit there, (jeez those spikes on the stinger are sharp) We even got a look at the ARV.

Not as good as the trip to the joint Surrey/Met helicopter unit at Fairoaks airport tho!!!!!!

Slightly off topic, but dont you have times, when you are driving along and see stupid drivers, that you wish you were a copper? \"If I was a cop i would knick him NOW\". Last night followed a newish 5 series thro Esher, weaving about, brake lights coming on at wrong times and wrong places, obviously intoxicated, gave him a nice safe distance, considering asking Nicole to phone Gendarmes when he pulled into a swish private estate.
Deep Cover - smokie
Twice I had the pleasure of going out on shift with a TRhanms Valley Traffic Cop neighbour. One time we started in the unmakred car, the one with video. Waiting in rush hour traffic at an approach to the M4 we got a shout. On went the grille blues and siren. Problem was, no-one realised it was us - you could see drivers looking round for where the noise was coming from. It was better once we got underway...
Deep Cover - borasport20
I used to work round there over 10 years ago, and unless it has changed for the better, anything much newer than that would be very noticeable

Once saw a vanfull of plod entering a house without the benefit of keys near work on Waterloo road one lunchtime. Backup, parked round the corner, was an LWB landrover with bullet-proof glass and run-flat tyres

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