kwik fit prices - andy n
i have just been shopping around for two new tyres for my v70 best quote i got for pirreli p6000s 205 50 16 was £158 from selecta tyre, i then phoned a local branch of kwik fit as its a lot closer, they quoted me a price of £245! when i enquired of the branch manager if they would be prepared match selecta tyres price(or come close) the answer was no, take it or leave it,as i prepared to "leave it" his parting shot was "there are plenty of people happy to pay our prices"... amazing!! was this just a one off or is this typical of the entire companys attitude? i for one will certainly be avoiding them in future
kwik fit prices - NabLane
I've always found Kwik-Fit to be the most expensive for tyres, along with ATS and I usually find National Tyres to be the cheapest. Obviously, most people aren't prepared to telephone around... Be interesting to see if anybody has found either ATS or Kwik-Fit to be cheaper than any of the other companies.
kwik fit prices - Wally Zebon
I recently went to Kwik Fit because they were only £2 dearer than the lowest price PLUS they were open late on a Thursday night. The place was deserted so I was dealt with immediately and was on my way with two new tyres in about 20 minutes.

kwik fit prices - Cardew
Pirelli P6000 205/55- R-16-91W. all in price including VAT, balancing, valve, old tyre disposal etc(for 4)

Kwik Fit - £512.96
National Tyres £468.12
Several Small firms £410 to £430
Budget Motorists Centre £300.00
Micheldever Tyres(Hants) £248.84
kwik fit prices - bernie
I reckon it's all to do with having that magic bit of plastic that comes with your company car.Just hand it over at new,Tyre,Exhaust,Battery time and don't worry,the company will pay for it.Not much incentive to do a bit of legwork and sniff out a good deal !
kwik fit prices - Rojer
I think they're rubbish

They've made 'mistakes' with 2 of our cars. We were not happy with customer complaints in either case.

Never, NEVER again!
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kwik fit prices - HF
Their prices may not be the cheapest, but their attitude, efficiency, politeness and good customer service I have always found 100% faultless. And no, I don't work for them!
kwik fit prices - madf
Hmm: my experience has been:
Price: not cheapest .. about 25% higher than lowest.
Quality: mixed: my wife had a new exhaust 10 years ago on here Mini: they LOST the airfilter (and did not refit it and did not tell her)
Their own brand tyres are poor quality for the cost.

After that we went elsewhere.. and never went back.

kwik fit prices - bugged {P}
they are v expensive for tyres but very good for repairing punctures quickly and cheaply!! i was in there getting a puncture repaired and asked the man to check my other tyres for wear etc while he was at it. he even went so far as to empty the boot of all my junk and check the spare!!! i though that was pretty good!!
kwik fit prices - Andrew-T
I don't believe you can generalise about standards of a national chain. Some will be good, some poor - it will depend on the team of guys there. And tyre offers are changing all the time, it depends when you want your tyre. Always shop around.
kwik fit prices - brm
I went to Kwik Fit in Bury with a nasty noise coming from n/s front wheel. On a Sunday morning. They got it on the ramp, wheel off, found the problem, fixed it (bit of elbow grease needed!), everything back together for on the road in 30 minutes.
Me "what do I owe you".
Him "Nowt."

He was absolutely serious. I've heard similar tale from a colleague.

For tyres they're the closest to home so I tend to go there for the car tyres (cost per mile of car tyres on my car) is pretty low compared with my motorbike where I probably spend more on tyres than I do on petrol!

kwik fit prices - Tom Shaw
I had new discs and pads fitted to the Lupo at my local Kwik-Fit today. £115 all in, about half what the main dealer charges. I've had punctures repaired by three seperate Kwik-Fit centres, two in London and one down here in Wales and they have not charged me for any of them.

Like Halfords, any nationwide chain is bound to throw up a few bad examples of service occasionaly but I have found both of these outlets to be generally excellant.
kwik fit prices - DavidHM
My experience with Kwik Fit is fairly limited, but over the last 13 years of motoring (since I was 12 and helped my dad out with running my mother's car and he had a company one) Kwik Fit have been expensive on things that had a list price (such as tyres) and extrmely helpful and friendly on anything else. While I don't necessarily respect the company for its prices, I trust them implicitly to only come up with problems that actually need solving and would have no problems with taking a car there if I didn't know that a rival would be cheaper in my specific case.

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