Fancy a convertible..... - clariman

Daihatsu Copen (but keep the 5 door hatchback for heavy duty uses); or

Peugeot 307cc, trading in my other car.

Requirements: Basically a hard top, retracting automatically. Under £20k.

I know both cars are yet to be issued in UK.

Anyone have any knowledge of these cars?

Fancy a convertible..... - Morris Ox
Had a whizz in a Copen a couple of weeks ago. Super little car, but no fireworks on the performance front as it's only a 660cc turbo (which whistles like hell, BTW). Brisk in traffic, decent cruiser, pretty settled and solid on road despite diminutive proportions and low profiles. Neatly made, nice interior but the for the comedy radio buttons. Wonderful fully automatic boot mechanism.

Not for those of sizeable proportions, and limited stowage space (non existent when the roof's down).

In short? Miniature version of the Audi TT. Not on sale til later this year

Not driven a 307CC so can't comment on that one.
Fancy a convertible..... - mab23
How about an older Merc SLK?

You can just about get a 2000 (minor facelift) model for 20k.

Fancy a convertible..... - clariman
How about an older Merc SLK?
You can just about get a 2000 (minor facelift) model for

The metal retracting roof jobby? For that price? Where (drool drool) ....?

Not interested in vandal-attracting soft tops!

Fancy a convertible..... - Vansboy
I had a similar idea on SLK....but take a look at the way most of them are NOT standing up to, what must be only reasonable wear n tear, on the interiors.
Saw ingrained dirt/wear on the seats & silver trim around gearstick looking very sad.45000mls,T plate Bedford main dealer £20,950.
Mx5 won in the end.

Fancy a convertible..... - mab23 has mostly older models for under 20k, but they do come with a year's decent warranty and you know that MB won't sell anything on their own forecourts they think is a bag of spanners and is going to come back and bite them. There's a 2001/Y SLK200 in red with grey cloth for 20k. That's a poverty spec base model in a bad colour though. Most are between S and V reg for that price.

Autotrader has some newer models (up to 2000/X) for the same money from independent dealers or privately but you are obviously taking more of a risk there. There was a very minor facelift in 2000, indicator repeaters in the wing mirrors is the easy way to tell.

Take a close look at the interior as another poster said it peels easily - if it's got anything other than a black interior watch out for black spots on the door grab handles, around the handbrake, on the edges of the centre console where the coloured paint has worn off and exposed the black plastic underneath. Mercedes kind of accept there is a problem with the interior peeling, later cars seem to be a bit better than earlier ones.

Some are looked after better than others. I sat in a P reg last year that had done 50k and looked trashed. However a R reg one with 30k had an immaculate interior.

The mechanicals of the SLK are pretty good. You might want to get a warranty for that roof though - the hydraulics could be expensive if they go wrong.

There's a good (if slightly yank biased) forum at

As you might have guessed I have a SLK, it's practical (for a convertible) solid and reliable.

Fancy a convertible..... - Steve S
Agree with most of what Mab23 has said.

I would add some comments from the driving point of view. SWMBO is on her second SLK the first was an auto 230K - the internal trim was not of a high standard but she looked after it and it looked fine when she traded it.

However, the 320 is different class. There is a much improved quality about the standard of trim. The engine is their stock v6 which is a gem. The standard wheels give a better ride plus the geartronic gear box is more fun and gives you better control (I was not happy with the older auto 230k as it can drop a cog half way round a corner in the wet - with alarming consequences).

I know the price may be a bit up - but the difference more than makes up for it IMO.


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