Citroen C4 Picasso - ELF on 65 1.6 Bluehdi continual error help - John97

Hope someone can provide some insight, help or advice on how to tackle a problem I have which is simply not going away and has cost me a bundle already.

Have had a Bluehdi 1.6 from new and full service history, abou 11k miles a year.

Over a week ago, EML light came on whilst driving on motorway. Went to main dealer and diagnosed p02ed and p00bc fault codes. Upshot was I had to have EGR Valve replaced. Did about 20 miles and error reoccurred. Took back to garage and they reprogrammed EGR Valve and road tested it. Drove it for 5 miles and same fault happened.

Now getting pretty stressed about where this could lead and money getting tight. Does anyone have any suggestions on what else to check which could clear this issue. Car is out of warranty. Was never offered an extension as apparently I could have taken one out. I’m guessing until fixed this would not pass an MOT which is due.

One other observation. Service light is illuminated and is 1k miles overdue. Booked in for 10 days time and MOT done same time. Was told this would not cause an issue but I am thinking could it be causing a phantom issue and causing this alarm to force the service to be done now?

Any help appreciated and thanks in advance for reading.
Citroen C4 Picasso - ELF on 65 1.6 Bluehdi continual error help - RichardW

Clearly changing the EGR has not cured it - this post ( ) suggests the MAF may be at fault (which seems more likely to me). Given that the EML came back on shortly after the 'repair' then I would be back demanding a refund for that and a proper fix....

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