Petrol with additive package-1960s style - lezebre
Just found an old advert:-

\"Interested in making a Triumph TR4A an even better Triumph TR4A? then...Drive on Discol Cleveland Discol - the only petrol with Alcohol.\"

Any substance to this claim? (Calling all chemists)

Petrol with additive package-1960s style - THe Growler
No chemist I but I always sensed whatever I was driving ran a bit sweeter on Discol. Definitely my Bonneville (Triumph, not Pontiac) was less prone to pinking with it and I imagined it ran cooler in that scorching summer of '59.

Still remember the blue and white spread wings on the pumps. Discol was often sold by independent garages along with other brands, so you might find Esso, BP and Cleveland on the same forecourt.


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