Smoother and quieter! - Pat L
The recent threads on diesel fuel, fuel additives, wheel balancing and tyre brands prompted me to take some action:

1. Filled up with Shell diesel for a change - I usually use supermaket and BP or Texaco
2. Added a shot of Wynnes diesel injector cleaner
3. Changed rear tyres which were showing wear indicators - relaced OE Dunlops with Pirelli P6000s to match fronts which were replaced last year
4. Had front tyres rebalanced - had a bad vibration above 70mph

RESULT! My A4 seems to be running better than ever! Engine seems smoother and slightly more powerful, and there is definitely less road noise (P6000s really work!). And I don't think it's my imagination!


Smoother and quieter! - Blue {P}
Money well spent then :-)

At least it doesn't sound like it's all placebo!



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