Adjustment v Warranty Cover - MokkaMan
Can anyone clarify what is or is not covered by a car warranty. I have taken my car back to the dealer for two minor repairs in the first two years of ownership:-

1 The first repair was a minor problem where the tailgate lock did not lock first time under the central locking system and could be heard going through several attempts before finally locking.

2 The second was a creak / rattle in the doorframe.

The dealer has informed me that these are adjustments and not covered by the warranty. I have consequently paid for the repair.

Should these small niggles be covered?
Adjustment v Warranty Cover - Chas{P}
The warranty you were sold by the dealer should have a booklet that states all it's terms and conditions usually in the same format as an insurance policy booklet. If you don't have one get hold of a copy ASAP.

If you have the booklet you should be able to judge for your self what parts and vehicle equipment are covered and what is not. Most policies exclude, for example, wear and tear on brakes but they all vary.



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