Emission Standards Question - THe Growler
This should get the armchair chemists energized. Emission tsting is new round here and I encountered it for the first time today since I have to have a certificate to get my '01 Ford F-150 registered for another year.

The piece of paper I got back included the following info:

Standards for gasoline powered vehicles:
Registered 1/1/97 < 1/1/03 3.5 600
>1/1/03 low idle 0.5 100
>1/1/03 hi idle 0.3 100

Readings for my vehicle were CO 0.006% HC 10 PPM, of course a pass.

This is a learning curve for me and I would be interested to know how this data compares with current approaches in other places where they have had this stuff in place for a while.

Emission Standards Question - Dwight Van Driver

Don't know but this might help


In your neck of the woods I thought the cough from a human was more dangerous than one from an engine (SARS?)

Emission Standards Question - THe Growler
DVD, be fair, we may have the world's fourth most polluted city but we are cleared by the WHO, having had only 16 SARS cases and 2 deaths, all imported. Best record of all the ASEAN countries in fact and due to an uncharacteristically efficient and timely gov't response. Try Canada. I came in from Dubai the other day and lined up for the obligatory temperature check and actually passed. I told the charming young lady whose eyes twinkled mysteriously above her mask, when she applied the sticker to my forehead that any unusual temperature elevation was no doubt due to a slight over-appreciation of the excellent Cabernet and post-prandial cheese platter served in Emirates Airlines business class. This got me through the check but may have been a mistake since I was not directed to the examination tent for further evaluation.

I shall be interested to know how my Harley with its open pipes, nasty cams and street carb settings fares similarly next week.


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