New A3 - wot, no 5 door? - Nsar
HJ's CbyC says no 5 door variant in the new A3 expected June. Is this only at launch and a 5 door will come along later? Anyone shed any light?
New A3 - wot, no 5 door? - Roger Jones
That's what happened when the car hit the market first time. Having been happy with an Audi 100, I looked at one but decided against it because we were looking for something more compact and didn't like the look and thought of those pop-out back windows, which reminded me of the 1960s. I chose the Golf VR6 (five door) instead and have never regretted it.
New A3 - wot, no 5 door? - Pugugly {P}
Yes according to car magazine.


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