VW Polo petrol cap problems - Hannah
This may sound daft, but I've just got an H reg VW Polo, and I havn't quite worked out the technique of getting the petrol cap off yet.
When it's locked it spins round, and when it's unlocked it moves about 90 degrees, then clicks and doesn't move anymore.
What's the technique?
Thanks for any help,

VW Polo petrol cap problems - Hannah
Sorry, this should possibly be in the technical section (as it\'s so technical).

Done DD.
VW Polo petrol cap problems - Jonathan {p}
You need to insert the key, turn anticlockwise until the key won't turn any more. Then turn the cap anticlockwise until it won't turn any more, turn back just less than 1/4 turn and it should come straight off.

To put back on, put cap on, turn clockwise as far as possible, turn key clockwise as far as possible then remove key.

Sorry if its a bit basic, but swmbo has the same car and has struggled with this on garage forecourts. She has even had 2 men try to assist and not be able to suss it out.


VW Polo petrol cap problems - Hannah
Thanks for the reply.
I've tried that and this is what happens:
Turn the key anticlockwise, turn the cap anticlockwise until it doesn't move anymore (audible click).
Then cap then doesn't move at all (either way).
Is there something I'm missing (pushing the key in, pushing the cap in...).
I've tried forcing it either way and it doesn't budge.
Thanks again for the help so far,

VW Polo petrol cap problems - Tom Shaw
My Lupo is similar. Turn the key (can't rember if clock or anti) and then just unscrew the cap anti clockwise.

It is a bit mystifying at first, left me red faced for about five minutes in a crowded filling station when I first got the car.
VW Polo petrol cap problems - Maz
Yes, well known nightmare design.


Hold cap in left hand, turn key anti clockwise. When key stops turn the cap, which you're holding in your left hand throughout the operation, clockwise.

Try outside your house rather than in the pressurised atmosphere of the filling station!

Best of luck.
VW Polo petrol cap problems - Robert Fleming
It's really not worth locking your petrol cap. If someone is scummy enough to siphon off your petrol, they won't mind cutting the fuel lines to drain it out if you lock the cap and avoid a mouthful of petrol.


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