Mitsubishi Legnum/Galant - Chris W

I have just acquired, perhaps ill-advisedly, a 'grey' 1997 Legnum

It has a multi communication system that looks after Sat/nav, radio, Aircon, CD etc. via a 7 inch 'touch screen' monitor.

Yes - you've guessed - it's all in Japanese!!

Does anyone know where I can get an English CD for the Control Unit?

Unfortunately, the UK supplied Galants do not feature this highly desirable piece of kit as an optional extra.

Chris W
Mitsubishi Legnum/Galant - teabelly
One of the japanese car import specialists may be able to help. You could also find that the ecu could need a different code reader which will again give the information all in japanese. There is a japanese imports specialist in Northwich, Cheshire.( ) I have no idea what they are like but their website gives the impression that they are ok people to deal with and they seem to do servicing and maintenance so they should have the correct equipment to deal with greys.
Mitsubishi Legnum/Galant - Jonathan {p}
The navigation system is a dealer fit option so cd's should be available from a dealer.


Mitsubishi Legnum/Galant - Chris W


I wish that were true but unfortunately the dealers have never heard of it.

My only possibility, so far, would seem to be New Zealand and even then I won't get Sat/Nav.


Mitsubishi Legnum/Galant - Altea Ego
The problem with japanese sat navs, is that basically satelite navigations systems are computers. They run an operating system. The operating system has to generate the display and characters. Japanese is very different from other character sets, and hence is not easily changed (unlike a european language). So to get the sat nav to work in european you will need a new operating system. Now while it may be possible to apply upgrades or patches to a sat nav operating system, you cant usually change it totaly as it imbeded on a chip. A european map cd will not work on a japanese operating system.


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