Recon Engine 4 Vauxhall Omega - Daz
Where can I buy a recon engine from for a 96 2.0GLS Vauxhall Omega please in the Essex/Suffolk/Cambs area?

Alternatively annyone know anyone that replaces pistons??

Many thanks

Recon Engine 4 Vauxhall Omega - ndbw
Im sure that if you buy a copy of Exchange&Mart you will find what you are looking for among the many engine and gear box specialists who advertise in this publication.

Recon Engine 4 Vauxhall Omega - volvoman
I seem to recall a number of such centres being the subject of consumer protection programmes and not scoring too highly at all !!

My advice for what it's worth would be to check any company you're tempted to try with their local Trading Standards Dept. They won't say "company X is rubbish" but should be happy to confirm if that company is known to them and, if so, you can draw your own conclusions and steer well clear ! Good luck.

Ps I'm sure many people here will be interested to see how you get on so please keep us posted on the outcome Daz.
Recon Engine 4 Vauxhall Omega - lordwoody
If you want pistons replaced try Richard Pipe Engineering at Martlesham on Ipswich outskirts- brilliant partnership who've been looking after my cars for a number of years- 100% trustworthy, and if they can't help will know someone eaqually good who will.
Recon Engine 4 Vauxhall Omega - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Obvious I know but try your local GM dealer for a Vx-Pro recon unit. If you know anyone who is aTrade club member their prices are very keen, no, make that cheap!

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Recon Engine 4 Vauxhall Omega - Daz
Many thanks, will give them a try.
Recon Engine 4 Vauxhall Omega - Robin the Technician
Try your local motor factor i.e. Partco. They may be able to offer a blue riband recon. These are exrememly well refurbished and done by a company with ISO 9002 accreditation. Don't know about the price but comes highly recommended.

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Recon Engine 4 Vauxhall Omega - stator
Try ivor seale at eye in suffolk.

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