Ford Fiesta 1.8 TDI - gordy
My wife was driving her December 2000 Fiesta 1.8 TDI to work recently when she began to notice that she was losing power and the engine was making a racket! As the car has only done 34,000 miles and has been regularly serviced (not by Fords) she was amazed to be infomed by the dealership that the fuel pump had "gone" and would have to be replaced with other sundry parts and labour to a cost of nearly fifteen hundred pounds. The Service Department did admit that they were at a loss as to why this should happen and have promised to investigate. Has anybody else experienced problems with Ford diesel injector pumps?
Ford Fiesta 1.8 TDI - Robin the Technician
Suggest you get it towed to your nearest Diesel specialist (look in yellow pages). I suspect the job would be fixed for considerably less. Most garages now will 'replace' a faulty part- not stip it down and replace the faulty bit. Diesel specialists will do the stripping and replacement of the faulty part- at a fraction of the cost. They may even offer an exchange part which, again will be cheaper. Has your garage offered you an exchange unit?? Worth asking instead of parting with the cost of 2 weeks in the sun..

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Ford Fiesta 1.8 TDI - gordy
Thanks for that. Any ideas what may cause this problem? I did take the car to a diesel specialist and they suggested the same as the dealership.
Ford Fiesta 1.8 TDI - DavidHM
After my breakdown post, I appreciate that I am clearly in a glass house but - doesn't it make you wish you'd had the car serviced by Ford? Most new cars should need little OOW work in the first 3 years/60k and often the premium over a non franchised garage is quite small, particularly with Ford. I'm not saying that the independent servicing caused the problem but if it had been Ford serviced, it would be in warranty now :-(

I appreciate this sounds very smug but this site is about advice for all its readers, not just the original poster.


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