Superb Amaerican Site. - Pugugly {P}

Have a look at the ten worse cars of the C20. Superb !
Superb American Site. - Pugugly {P}
for worse read worst what's wrong with me today ?
Superb Amaerican Site. - Ian (Cape Town)
I reacll the Telegraph did a "worst hundred". Unfortunately, it is no longer on their site ...
Superb Amaerican Site. - Pugugly {P}
Sorry can't help myself.... This is superb.

"Dodge Lancer

After three new thermostats, I was still scraping frost off my windshield with a credit card while driving. The exhaust flew off and killed a dog. Its FRAME BROKE while turning into four lanes of busy traffic, severing the transmission.

My chickens live in it now, and even they look strangely worried. "

Proves that irony is alive and well in the USofA - reassuringly there were no Brit mobiles in the their list and at least 2 French cars. May have been written in the lead up to the Gulf War 2.
Superb Amaerican Site. - Pugugly {P}
A Brit car feauters in the nominees for the worst car though.

"Triumph Harold" ! (PU's !)

The design with top heavy, narrow track, and SWING AXLES allowed the car to not so much to roll (when it cornered at too high a speed) as sort of LAZILY FALL OVER. We would have to let it lay there until enough motorists would stop and help right it. Then on our way we would go again courting our next disaster."

Brilliant. I'll keep quiet now and get back to law type stuff.
Superb Amaerican Site. - THe Growler
They've got the Ford Mustang and the F-150 pickup (but sadly not the 4WD Lariat version, that's a proper V-8 vs. a miserable V-6 in the cooking variety) in the Guy Car winners. But they're on the right track....
Superb Amaerican Site. - J Bonington Jagworth
I only found the ten worst cars of the millennium, but I guess that's much the same thing. Some good quotes there, including (of the Yugo): "At least it had heated rear windows--so your hands would stay warm while you pushed."

Their Lemon Detector looks a good idea, too - type in the VIN and find out the real history of your car! One for HJ, maybe...
Superb Amaerican Site. - DavidHM
That's an old Skoda joke, of course.

I think they did the millenial thing about 3 years ago, unsurprisingly. The site has been in my list of favourites for a long, long time and I read their column regularly.

IIRC (I'm not going back to check) they slated the Renault Dauphine and the LeCar (it pains me to say 'the' twice) which was an Americanized 5. On the other hand (see my post, coming soon to a forum near you) I have a bit of a downer on Renaults too.

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