Petrol price drop? - LHM
Filled up today at a BP station in Lincolnshire with unleaded @ 72.9p/litre. Thought it was a mistake at first (!) - has this happened throughout the UK, and, if so, what has triggered it?
Petrol price drop? - DavidHM
The end of the Iraq war means more oil coming on stream and no fears of production being reduced through burning oil wells or other countries getting caught up in it.

I paid 73.9 yesterday and I have seen as low as 72.9. According to 71.7 can be had in east London.
Petrol price drop? - LHM
Thanks for that, David - I thought I'd gone through a time warp or something........ but, alas, the grey hairs are still there :-)
Petrol price drop? - Wales Forester
Unleaded 71.9 at Tesco, Prestwich, Manchester.

Petrol price drop? - GroovyChick{P}
Just discovered our local unleaded has dropped to 71.9 Esso, Deeside.

Petrol price drop? - Chas{P}
71.7 @ Shell stations in Leamington Spa.
Petrol price drop? - Rob the Bus
Our local Tesco in Chorley has unleaded at 71.3p/litre. What annoys me, though, is the fact that unleaded and diesel both come down in price, but LRP stays resolutely at 79.9p/litre. This means that I am paying 8.6p/litre more which works out at about £4 per tankful.

I know it's probably my own fault for driving an old car that runs better on LRP, but does anybody know why LRP remains so expensive? Is it so nobody buys it, meaning that the petrol companies can stop selling on the grounds of low demand? Or do they know that people like me have no choice but to use it?
Petrol price drop? - Rich Mixture
Economies of scale I'm afraid Rob - I guess the situation will only get worse as production is scaled down with falling demand as numbers of older vehicles on the road reduce further.

You do have a choice though don't you? Can you not use an additive (e.g Millers etc) with regular unleaded? Most of these also boost the octane rating as well IIRC. Last time I saw any reviews of these, they worked out a little cheaper than just using LRP from the pump, although you do have the hassle factor to contend with.

Petrol price drop? - teabelly
It's the hassle factor that puts me off from messing around with an additive. I am also wary of handling such wicked chemicals. If someone did a container that dissolved in petrol (without producing residue or engine damaging materials) that I could drop in the tank before filling up, add my petrol which would mix it nicely it would be much better. I am thinking the car equivalent of washing power tablets! It is also a hassle if you want to put in petrol but it is not in a predefined amount as most of the additives require mixing per 20 or 40 litres doesn't make it easy to fill up a little.

The easiest way would be to have some device that attached to the tank with a reservoir of additive that would mix it with the fuel as it was delivered into the engine so it always remained at the correct additive levels. It would also make filling up as easy as buying lrp.

Petrol price drop? - Rob the Bus
Thanks Rich and teabelly

I had (briefly) thought of additives, but I generally only put £10 worth of petrol at a time. The small mileage I do does not warrant big fill ups and I have better things to do with my money than have it sloshing round a petrol tank!!!!

I think that you and me should get together, teabelly, and thrash out a few designs! I'd happily buy a product that you could just throw in the tank and forget about!



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