Half Price Petrol - Doc
This weekend only at Safeways:

Every time you shop at Safeway and spend over £10 in a single transaction you will receive a till slip coupon valid for seven days. The coupon may be exchanged for up to 40p off every litre you buy from the Safeway Petrol Filling Station.
(Half price petrol is based on saving 40p per litre when you spend £150 in-store.)

Half Price Petrol - Armitage Shanks{P}
At some Safeway stores this is offer is on all the time, not just "This Weekend". Depends where you live! In my town we have Asda, Safeway, Morrisons, Lidl and Aldi, the prices are low in the shops, the competition is fierce and Safeway's fuel offer seems to be permanent.
Half Price Petrol - BobbyG
Their fuel offer is permanent but this weekend, up to the end of Monday, its doubled up, so instead of getting a 2p coupon for spending a tenner in the shop, you get a 4p coupon and so on.
I bought a cd and then saved £2.50 on Diesel for my Scenic!!
Not to be sniffed at!

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