Astra ECU questions - Michael L
Okay here goes, Astra P reg 1977 1.6gls 16v estate with massive mileage but kept well with a service history etc.
Around a month ago the engine electronic indicator appeared and almost immediately the engine died. Pure coincidence I was next to a layby and checked the oil which was almost off the stick - eek! So almost 2 litres of oil, a pause and the engine started. Strange because not 200 miles earlier the oil was perfect and has been since its last service.
Never thought anymore, kept checking the oil and a friend drove the car and alas that light came on again. Weird because the oil was almost on the full level. Anyhow he put some small amount in and away he went with no problems.
Now that was 2 weeks ago and on my way to work (around 10 miles) that blasted light came on again. This time it sounded like the car was not firing correctly, I pulled over, waited 2 minutes, started it up and as sweet as it usually is away I went.
Any ideas on this, like why the oil had like vanished as there are no leaks and then like fuel not getting through correctly? Plus of course I realise that the settings of the ECU have probably defaulted so some suggestions there too.
Thanks in advance
Astra ECU questions - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Before you do anything else get the ECU fault memory read and cleared. Either go to Vauxhall dealer or a competent independant.
Come back with the results.

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