Diesel newbie questions(s) - jonesy127 {P}
Just bought a ’99 Pug 306 HDi, my first diesel.

So, anything I need to be aware of after driving petrol cars for 16 years? I know about the glow plug (!)…how about fuel choice? Are the days of diesels with blackened rear ends over? Any fluid levels I should be keeping a wary I on?
Diesel newbie questions(s) - muddyboots
Welcome to the dark side ;-)

I'd say follow these tips and you should be OK:

1) Change air & fuel filter regularly
2) Change oil & oil filter regularly, use a decent diesel oil
3) Put your foot down regularly, keeps the exhaust clean
4) Let it idle for a short while before switching off, after a hard/fast run. This lets the turbo slow down and cool before it loses oil pressure.

I'm sure others will add more tips...

Diesel newbie questions(s) - Marcos{P}
When you go to fill up always check where you are standing beacause a lot of lorry drivers still manage to pour a few litres all over the forcourt just where youll be standing.

Also don't forget to wear the nice plastic gloves as the same lorry driver that threw the diesel all over the floor will have undoubtedly managed to coat the nozzle handle in diesel so you get it all over your mitts.

I should add that not all lorry drivers are irresponsible.
Diesel newbie questions(s) - andymc {P}
Get used to the way power is delivered - you generally won't have to change down to third to overtake.
Agree about the gloves! If none are available, use some kitchen roll, a hanky, a rag, anything - the smell of diesel stays on your hands all day.
Buy trousers with stronger pockets in order to cope with carrying around the money you've saved on fuel .... ;)
Diesel newbie questions(s) - OldOiler
How very true, there IS an art to driving a diesel and get the most out of it.
Don't hang on to gears too long, change up as soon as possible get it chipped!! - happy driving
Diesel newbie questions(s) - THe Growler
....and spare a thought for us bikers when you're filling up not to leave puddlesd everywhere.....
Diesel newbie questions(s) - Pugugly {P}
If its any consolation - I have driven some expensive German diesel stuff over the last few years, whilst the engines are probably the best in the world they will never beat a 306 over speed humps and sheer laughability around roundabouts. ENJOY.
Diesel newbie questions(s) - king arthur
....and spare a thought for us bikers when you're filling up
not to leave puddlesd everywhere.....

Didn't know there were bikes that ran on diesel! ;)
Diesel newbie questions(s) - Pugugly {P}
Try a Robin Enfield - 200mpg a real possibity. There is also a British Army developed thingy which is a two-wheeled diesel engined motorcyle.
Diesel newbie questions(s) - Dizzy {P}

"Robin Enfield"? Didn't you mean to say "Royal Enfield" (the Indian built diesel motorbike with a 0-60 time of about three weeks)? Or have I failed to see one of your funnies?
Diesel newbie question(s) - Dizzy {P}
By the way, I'm also about to become a 'diesel newbie', having just placed a deposit on a Rover 75 CDT chipped to 131Ps (got a *much* better deal than buying a ready-chipped CDTi).

Six weeks to wait as they are now only built to order, not stored on fields like the Rovers of old. I've spoken to several Rover 75 owners and they have had nothing but good things to say about them. The company seems to have got its act together at long last -- better late than never, as they say.

I'm now looking forward to keeping with what PU confirms as the best engines in the world (BMW) without having to enter a BMW dealership ever again. Lovely!!
Diesel newbie questions(s) - Pugugly {P}
No it was a Robin, Dizzie. An Enfield frame with a Japanese (or possibly American) Robin diesel engine in lieu of the Indian petrol unit, 0-60 was in months ! (up early today - big case !)

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