mondeo window regulator - brillo
Does anyone know if it's possible to repair a snapped cable on a ford mondeo 2001 window regulator without having to buy the whole regulator? It's the drivers's window.
What is the likely reason for it snapping?
I've contacted several breakers in the Manchester area but they all say 'the car's too new, we've none in yet'. Anyone help.
I live in north east Lancs.
mondeo window regulator - 3500S
This is a bit of a bodge but it might see you through until they arrive in stock. It does work depending on where the cable has snapped though.

What you need is.

Two electrical termination blocks, the kind that has an aperature and two screw threaded ends.

Some heavy guage picture wire.

Cut back the snapped cable to remove the frayed parts. Cut a section of picture wire.

Join the three sections together with the termination blocks.

I've done this for a temporary repair to a snapped window cable in a Fiesta, it held out for a few weeks until I had some time to liberate a replacement from a breakers yard.
mondeo window regulator - Cyd
As an ex Rover Door Systems Engineer I would offer the opinion that this should be regarded as a very unusual failure in a car so new. Is your car still under any level of warranty? Have you tried talking to your Ford dealer? I would have thought Ford would have been very reasonable about sorting this out on a car only 2 yrs old.
mondeo window regulator - brillo
Cyd, thanks for the reply but I forgot to mention that my Mondeo's an import and only had 12 months warranty.


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