Overseas dealers - Marcos{P}
With reference to my post about my coolant pipe Aprilia said about trying to source it from overseas as I may be able to source it fairly quickly.
Does anyone know any Mercedes dealers in mainland europe that speak english or spanish.
I am fairly fluent in spanish and can just about manage english.

Any phone numbers etc. would be most appreciated.

Thanks is advance
Overseas dealers - Aprilia
There is actually a German dealer who advertises sale of parts via the UK Owners Club mag. They obviously advertise in English and state that they can speak English and ship parts over fast. I don't have the info to hand at the moment but will try to get the details tonight.

I have used a dealer in central Hamburg (right near to where the Harwich ferry used to dock, by Blohm and Voss shipyard, if you know Hamburg) they were very good and prices were good (e.g. pair of C-class rear subframe mounts were 1/3 the UK price!!). Again, I will try to find an old invoice and give you the number.

MB dealers in Germany seem to operate like those in the US - i.e. MB suggest a retail price for a part and then the dealer is free to discount, so the dealers are competing against each other on price and not all charging exactly the same (as per the UK). I get a 'trade' discount from my local UK dealer, but its not much.....
Overseas dealers - Morris Ox
I don't have any contact details, but I'd suggest trying Dutch or Belgian dealers first. I've certainly come across a Merc dealer in Utrecht who greeted me in English when he saw my plate. By and large they also seem happier selling to English people.

Just try a web search for Merc dealers in any of the main Dutch cities.

Overseas dealers - Aprilia
Come to think of it Marcos - the service handbook that came with your car probably lists all European MB dealers, they certainly used to. Have a look in that.
Overseas dealers - Marcos{P}
Your right they did used to list all european dealers but now just list the U.K. dealers.
Overseas dealers - eMBe {P}
Have you tried the MB web site? Do they not list dealers?

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