Want To Improve My Car? - nixontim
I have just purchased a K reg Ford Orion 1.6LX in great condition and have put it through a full service.
I have purchased a spoiler that i need to fit and some 15\" 6 spoke alloys.
Can anyone suggest what else i can do to impove the look and mechanics of the car, with limited knowledge and finance?
Thinking of getting the engine bay steam cleaned and putting some redex fuel treatment in to clean some of the gum and carbon deposits in the system.
Would appreciate any ideas?
Opinions on REDEX Fuel Treatment? - nixontim
I have been told that Redex can help remove some of the gum and carbon deposits in the engine system?
Any opinions on this and can anyone suggest any better alternatives and places they can be purchased?
Steam Cleaning? - nixontim
In the Haynes Handbook it suggests that steam cleaning of the engine bay is a good idea? I think it will look alot better and will be easier to keep in goood condition? Anyone had this done? Opinions?
Steam Cleaning? - Mark (RLBS)
Since the same questions were repeated, I put the three threads together.

Want To Improve My Car? - TrevP
Nixontim -

So, to maintain the same rolling radius, you checked what lower profile tyres you need?

Presumably, your insurance company did not increase your premium TOO much.


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