Easitronic Gear Box - ndbw
I have had a Vauxhall Corsa on loan fitted with this gearbox,would like to know how it works,I know the clutch is operated by a window winder motor but am amazed to find that in auto it still creeps like a normal auto for close manouvering how it does this without a torque converter is beyond me.Anyone out there who knows the answer.

Easitronic Gear Box - Aprilia
Yes, this is one of a number of 'automatic' and 'semi-automatic' transmissions using 'conventional' gearboxes that have been developed by Valeo, Fichtel & Sachs, AP and others.

A powerful fast-acting actuator motor (not actually a window motor!) operates the clutch. The clutch position and gear selection are monitored by a sensor and the vehicle speed, engine rpm and gearbox input shaft rpm are also monitored by sensors. A 24-bit microprocessor monitors the speed signals and determines optimum clutch position for the current circumstances.

Creep is implemented by having the clutch slightly engaged (i.e. slipping a lot) to aid low speed manouvering. When the car is fully stopped on the brake the clutch is fully disengaged.

There were high hopes for these systems in the mid-1990's, but they haven't sold as widely as expected. SAAB, Ferrari, renault are amongst the companies that have marketed cars fitted with these systems.
Easitronic Gear Box - ndbw
Thanks for that aprila.just the information I wanted clear and detailed,
Easitronic Gear Box - Martin Wall
Out of idle curiosity - how long do these things last? Are they expensive to fix?
Easitronic Gear Box - daveyjp
smarts have a similar system. The clutch is actuated in response to the throttle being applied. As for the time they last it varies. I know someone who is on his third clutch after 30,000 miles (his engine blew up so that gives you an indication of how he drives it!), others have done in excess of 80,000 miles with no new clutch required - don't know the cost, a few hundred quid I would imagine. The clutch biting point is reset via the diagnostic port to prevent slipping. The main trick to longevity is not to ride the clutch on hills by applying throttle as this does burn the clutch out just as it does on manual cars - use the handbrake!

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