Feedback on DVLA - volvoman
Hi folks. Some of you will know we're buying a car for 'er indoors and have been applying for her Provisonal Licence. Well, just to let you know, her application was sent off by Special Delivery last Tuesday, her passport and marriage certificate were returned on Saturday and her paper/photocard licence arrived today. 1 week from start to finish - not bad eh !

I would suggest that anyone sending passports etc. uses Special Delivery for to send and for the return of these. It costs less than £10 and IMO it's well worth it just for the peace of mind.
Feedback on DVLA - Thommo
Had to deal with DVLA on various issues when my Father died some years ago. Have to say they were efficient and polite at all times and I was impressed. Public services don't need to be crap...
Feedback on DVLA - Flat in Fifth
"I would suggest that anyone sending passports etc. uses Special Delivery"

Good advice there V, don't let the Post Office fob you off with recorded delivery as effectively that is no more secure than sticking it in normal first class post.

Feedback on DVLA - leatherpatches
I'll second that. I had lost the log book for the car I was trading in. Rang DVLA on Thursday afternoon and it arrived in the post on Saturday morning - no charge! Very polite and efficient service.
Feedback on DVLA - Oz
Sorry V. for slight off-thread question - can anyone make out precisely what is needed to be sent (which form etc.) in the event that like me, one has mislaid/lost their photocard licence? (I still have the paper Counterpart licence and indeed my old paper licence).
One form leads me to believe that I need to repeat-submit a full application, include another photo, whereas surely they have my previous details and (recent) photo on file.
Oz (as was)
Feedback on DVLA - DavidHM
Erm, can't remember.

The cheat's way is to phone them, say you've lost both and pay for a new one by credit card. However, you're not allowed to do that if you still have one.

I can't remember if I filled out a D750 or a D1 when I lost mine. I sent back the old counterpart and got a new photocard from them - definitely didn't have to have my photo taken.
Feedback on DVLA - keithb
Main Post Offices will check the passport etc. and the application form and send the form/photo to DVLA. They charge £4 but they hand back the identity documents to you immediately.
Feedback on DVLA - volvoman
That's true but only for UK passport holders which is why my wife had to send her passport and marriage cerificate off.
BTW - I always send important documents by Special Delivery - Recorded Delivery is a waste of time IMO.
Feedback on DVLA - volvoman
Just to add some more feedback - just got the V5 for Mrs V's new car back from the DVLA in less than 2 weeks.
Feedback on DVLA - Clanger
Premium service at main post offices means that you never lose sight of your passport and it's only a couple of quid extra. And they check your application to see if you've missed anything out. That was my preferred route to getting my photocard bike licence.


Feedback on DVLA - SjB {P}
...And when my new V70 was incorrectly registered as a '52' instead of an '03', I had a call back from my local DVLA office within minutes of contacting the national call centre.

The error was admitted after a few simple questions, and a new V5 arrived the following day together with an apology letter (which will also help explain to whoever buys the car from me in the future why the import paperwork is stamped with a registration mark that differs from reality).

I was extremely impressed and wish my thoroughbred bank would learn how to use call centres like this!

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