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hi all , ok i have just got hold of a 1990 ford fiesta 1100 got this very cheap hence the age and the engine had died,i have now put a second hand ford fiesta 1300 engine in, problem is guess this engine must of been a 1300 cfi engine as there is no place for a manual fuel pump to go(not even a blanking plate) ,(should of checked i guess ) anyway some how i need to convert this to a electric pump , i have kept to a standard weber carb , as im not supplying fuel injection do i still need a regulator , i want to keep this a basic as i can ,the manual pump had flow return and supply to the carb , so what do i need to look for and do you know of a make of car i can get one from the breakers , any help on this would be great asap please , going in for mot end of next week :-(
many thanks
need help ,convert manual fuel pump - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Try your local accessory shop or someone like demon tweeks. They should be able to supply a Facet low pressure electric pump. Fit the pump into the engine bay via a relay which you can power up from the ignition coil positive.Good luck and at all times remember that you are dealing with petrol, be careful!

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need help ,convert manual fuel pump - Robin the Technician
You could go to a scrappie and get a fuel pump from a Rover. Many have pumps (like Montego's) located at the rear outside of the tank. You could, as suggested fit it in the engine bay but you may find it noisy and even pick up noise on your stereo. Fit it where you find it most convenient -and I'll reiterate whats been said- remember you're playing with petrol!!!

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need help ,convert manual fuel pump - robertstyles
thanks guys ,just one more question do i need to use the return to the tank, what advantage would it be , and do you know of any MOT requiments for this sort of thing like shut off valves etc, i know you have to have it secure etc ,
looks like this is not going to be a major problem after all, keep reading about connecting it to the oil pressure switch incase the car rols over the light comes on and cuts the power to the pump ,sounds good any info on this would be great ,
need help ,convert manual fuel pump - Dynamic Dave
Yes, for safety's sake you have to wire up the fuel pump so that if the engine cuts out/stalls for whatever reason and the ignition is still on, the fuel pump electrical supply is cut so you don't keep pumping fuel. Not 100% sure where you would wire this into, but something in the back of my mind says to wire it into the alternator light circuit via a relay.

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