Puma "knocking" on hard turning - Ant
Hi chaps

Got a 1998 1.7VCT Puma, which seems to produce a single "knocking" sound if you go hard round a right-hand bend. When I say "hard" I mean enough to cause tyre scrabbling at the front. The car seems to produce a single "knock" from the front somewhere. Apart from this, all handling characteristics seem fine, as is tyre-wear etc. Am I worrying about nothing? It's always done it I've noticed since we got the car last summer. Only seems to to it when I'm driving, and not for the wife... wonder why that could be?!

cheers in advance for any insight

Puma - Pete F
This is tricky but some things you could look at would be :-

Check subframe bolts for tightness.
Check rear engine mount - the one that attaches transmission to floorpan underneath. Is the rubber OK? Is the fixing hardware tight?
Check suspension bushes on that side for freeplay.
Could be steering rack knock. It may be possible to adjust preload on pinion.

You will have to try and define it better. If it only happens once then try doing a sharp start in reverse to see if it happens then. If so then it points to engine mount or subframe.
Puma - Jonathan {p}
Sounds like CV joints to me.

Is the knocking coming from the front off side?
Puma - Ant
Hi Jonathan

It's a bit hard to say, but if anything I would say it's coming from the front nearside, on hard right-hand cornering. Mostly when accelerating round small roundabouts! ;-) (Hooligan!)


Puma - muddyboots
Top strut bearings ?
I've heard that if these wear, they can cause knocking in turns - and is often mistaken for CV joint wear....
Puma - Nortones2
Anthony: have you tried autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/pumapeople/?yguid=551...1. Might have something relevant. I looked at Puma, but was dissuaded by wife/daughter on basis on ageing knees etc. Good car though.
Puma - Ant

This only goes to show that female relatives should *never* be consulted when choosing cars ;-)

Thanks for the link - I'll take a look when I get chance!



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