punto clutch - 1.2punto60sx

a few weeks ago i noticed a fluttering/grinding noise when the clutch was pressed halfway to the floor

different people have told me this may be down to the thrust bearings.

the problem got worse until last tuesday it stopped. great i thought(if slightly suspicious) since then though the noise became just a 'fluttering' one, loudest in 1st then dying away until inaudible in 4th but also audible in neutral.

i told this to the mechanic and we both took a drive "gearbox bearings" he offered.

is he being straight with me on this or is he trying to do me over? does it need a new gearbox? or just a new clutch?even with my limited knowledge surely it cant be gearbox bearings as i can hear the noise when its idling.

punto clutch - Pete F
You say the noise is audible in neutral, so it it the same with clutch pressed? If noise goes away when clutch is pressed, then it can't be the gearbox bearings. If the noise varies as you press clutch up and down, then it is likely to be the release bearing.
punto clutch - Pete F
Screwed up my message I'm afraid. If noise goes away when clutch is pressed, then it IS the gearbox.
punto clutch - 1.2punto60sx
the noise remains (albeit quiet) when i havent got my foot on the clutch. it gets considerably louder as i press it in and change into first, then quieter (but still there) when running in 1st. the noises follow this same pattern through the gears until i reach 4th and it cannot be heard, or if i have to stop at lights and go through the gears once again.

punto clutch - Pete F
It sounds likely to be the clutch release bearing. Not gearbox bearing. If you get the noise with clutch pressed and car stationary as I think you describe, it cannot be the gearbox!
punto clutch - 1.2punto60sx
godamnd mechanics trying to fleece me then
punto clutch - Sirblofish
Symptoms sound like the thrust bearing on the clutch has gone. It's used to allow free rotation of shaft independently of the sleeve when pressure is applied to seperate the two plates of the clutch (pressure plate and clutch plate).

Not that cheap but while you've got the gearbox off you may as well replace the whole clutch...

And try taking it to a different mechanic, i.e. not the one who said it was the gearbox bearings.
punto clutch - 1.2punto60sx
just an update

it was the thrust bearings at fault. the mechanic showed me the part - it looked a mess

charged me £110 to supply anf fit a new clutch. not bad in my reckoning. it feels like a new car!

thanks to all those who helped me out

punto clutch - james_60

that was a good price for a clutch change

was it a fiat garage

J Stephenson
punto clutch - 1.2punto60sx

no, i got a friend of mine to do it


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