Mondeo TD Ignition light - JBH
My ignition light has just started coming on while the engine is running, it goes off whren the revs rise up but stays on on tickover. the rev counter also shows that the car is only ticking over on 250 rpm, normally 850-900 rpm, but the engine sound has not changed. Does the car have some sort of voltage regulator? Please Help. it is a 1994 1.8 td
Mondeo TD Ignition light - Cyd
The name 'ignition light' is actually something of a misnomer. It would be more accurate to call it something like 'charge light'. When the light comes on it is telling you that the alternator is no longer charging. From the symptoms you describe I would suspect the brushes have worn down to their operational limit. Some alternators can be repaired easily, others are 'sealed' and must be replaced as complete units - I don't know the specifics of your model (you don't say what type it is), but perhaps someone who does will be along in a jiffy. If you don't feel confident to tackle an alternator rebuild / change then engage an auto electrician asap. In the meantime keep your battery topped up with a few hours charging each night.
Mondeo TD Ignition light - JBH
Thanks Cyd, When you specifics of model do you mean the car or the alternator make, if you mean the alternator it is a bit difficult to see. The car is a 1994 TD 1.8 LX.
Mondeo TD Ignition light - Altea Ego
Does this really tick over at 250rpm? This is very low and I doubt the alternator will put out enough at this low speed to turn the alternator light off. If the engine still seems to be ticking over at its normal speed, and the Rev counter is showing 250 then there is a general electric fault somewhere.

Friend of mine had a cavalier TD. His alternator went, but was preceded by loads of strange electrical faults first over about two months. First showed up by bringing on the ABS warning light.

Check the battery terminals, and leads. Check the engine/body earth strap, check the connections on the back of the alternator, get the alternator checked.
Mondeo TD Ignition light - jc
A 1994 Td probably has the tacho driven by the alternator output;inquire about an exchange alternator.
Mondeo TD Ignition light - JBH
The tacho says it is ticking over at 250 rpm, but to be honest i have not noticed any change from when the tacho said it was ticking over at 850 rpm.
I have not had any other electrical gremlins everything has been ok. I have just had a quote for an exchange alternator of £150.00, seems a bit pricey.
Mondeo TD Ignition light - Cyd
I was refering to the make of alternator. I think £150 is probably about right - I was getting similar quotes for the Magnetti Marrelli alternator fitted to my Rover (supply only). Given the age of the car, you could always try 2ndhand.
Mondeo TD Ignition light - JBH
Thanks, Can get a second hand one for £29.50 + Vat with a 60 day warranty. if anyone else is interested.
Mondeo TD Ignition light - MikeC
Wouldn't recommend driving with the charge light on, I once did this when I had an intermittent charging fault (I ingore intermittent faults!), it was a cold dark night so had heater/lights etc on full, got onto the dual-carriageway and about 2 miles down the road all power went, lights dimmed to nothing even the dash lighting, ABS failed, engine died. Ended up rolling into a layby with no lights - scary! Battery was completely dead wouldn't even run the hazards.

I always thought the engine would run without a battery but obviously not ones that run on computers! The funny thing (well it wasn't at the time) was my mobile phone was also flat!

Mondeo TD Ignition light - JBH
Just noticed that the dashboard light is flickering very fast, wonder if there is some water in the contacts or something similar to that. Unfortunately my mechanic is on a weeks holiday and my missus is about to drop our first child so i dont want anyone scratching my eyes out for the repair.
Mondeo TD Ignition light - RichardW
Sounds to me like part of the rectifier pack has gone belly up, or some of the windings in the alternator are fried meaning it is only making charge in part of its revolution. If you get it off and take it to a specialist they should be able to test it, or supply you with a re-con unit fairly cheaply.

Mondeo TD Ignition light - jc
Try your local accessory shop;they probably know a local auto-electrician who'll recon it.

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