throbbing like niose from wheels - philcook
I have a throbbing type noise that relates to the revolutions of the wheels, it is not the tyres is it most likely the bearings?
the car has 51000 miles on the clock any suggesgion please. the car is a deawoo leganza
throbbing like niose from wheels - frostbite
How do you know it's not the tyres? I had some that were perfectly OK visually, but they resonated at certain speeds. Otherwise, might be off-balance?
throbbing like niose from wheels - SjB {P}
I had 'throbbing noise related to wheel revolution' on my previous car, a Vectra GSi.

In my case, the problem was proven beyond doubt to be tyre wear.
As each set of rear tyres went through 20,000 miles, the noise returned. Every time. Guaranteed. Replace the tyres, and silence returned for another 20,000 miles.

Looking very carefully at the tyres when removed, I could see that each alternative tread block had worn to a fractionally (but very visible) different height. In other words, tall, short, tall, short, tall, short, etc, with the result that I was driving on more of a gear wheel than a smooth circle.

throbbing like niose from wheels - matt35 {P}
As I recall, the design life of wheel bearings is half a million turnpike (motorway) miles.
Can you jack up the wheel and rotate it? Bearing damage should be easy to check?
throbbing like niose from wheels - M.M
Throbbing is 99% sure to be tyres, wheel bearings drone.

As said above you sometimes have to look very hard for the tyre distortion. Many tyre centres will often attempt to balance them time and time again without noticing a tread deviation.

throbbing like niose from wheels - Mark (RLBS)
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throbbing like niose from wheels - Mutterer
Have you the same tyres on either side?

I had a very odd noise from the back of a Cavalier, wheel bearings diagnosed and adjusted, and eventualy changed. But the noise stayed.

Put 2 new tyes on the back and the noise went away. The old ones were a Pirelli P6 and P600. The different tread patterns set up a sort of harmonic warble at about 50mph and above.

throbbing like niose from wheels - Bromptonaut
You don't say if the noise is from the front or rear wheels. Our BX steadfastly refuses to wear out the treads of its rear tyres. Instead on three occasions they have developed lumps in the rolling surface as the casing starts to fail leading to a drumming noise. Take off each wheel in turn and carefully examine, looking for areas of uneven wear etc.

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