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Does anybody have real life experience of the average difference in mpg and performance between Peugeot HDI turbo diesels and VW/Audi PDI turbo diesels. How do Japanese turbo diesels compare in terms of fuel economy and reliability(toyota/ Nissan). How reliable is the turbo? What is the average engine life expectancy of the engine ? How good/bad are ford turbo diesels, scaning this web site seems to indicate poor mpg from fords?

If you change the oil regularly, say , every 5000 miles on a modern turbo diesels, what engine life can you expect. Is 200,000 - 300,000 miles a reasonable expectation.

I would appreciate some answers. Thanks.


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Hi Kal

My 2000X Audi A4 115 TDi averages 52mpg in normal driving, which for me is a 30 mile round trip commute on country lanes/dual carriageway at reasonable speeds. Can drop to 50mpg if I push on a bit harder. On longer motorway trips I get 53-55mpg and have recorded 57.9mpg on a trip to NW SCotland but never ecxeding 70mph. Therse are my own brim to brim measurements, not off the on-board computer.

I change the oil and filter every 5000 miles and I hope that the engine has a life expectancy of at least 200,000 miles. No problems yet, though have only covered 34,000 miles.

Hope this is of use.

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Had a VW TDI engined car for 10 years. Highest mpg 78 (over 800 miles in France, observing speed limits!). Difficult to get less than 50mpg. 55 without trying too hard. In 175000 miles needed a starter motor.That's it, apart from scheduled servicing every 10000 miles. Never heard of a turbo problem, on a diesel they do a different job than on petrols.
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.....on a diesel they do a different job than on petrols....

Can you illucidate please?
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Ka -

1) What you are asking for may (or may not) reflect what YOU would do in same cars.
Is comparison of official figures not good enough?

2) Economy - see (1), reliability SHOULD be excellent.

3) Reliable enough not to be a consideration.

4) The perception is that the new Ford TDCi is a massive improvement in terms of noise and smoothness.
BUT mpg appears appear to vary between cars significantly (or is that cars / drivers?)

5) Yes.
turbodiesels and fuel economy - TrevP
Apologies -

that should of course have been

turbodiesels and fuel economy - kal
Thanks guys.
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4) The perception is that the new Ford TDCi is a
massive improvement in terms of noise and smoothness.
BUT mpg appears appear to vary between cars significantly (or is
that cars / drivers?)

Its cars, take it from me. As I've mentioned on other threads, I've always been able to beat published mpg figures driving diesels for over a decade, but not on the tdci. Also, proof: I sat on a long stretch of A road in steady moving traffic 50 to 60, couple of roundabouts but otherwise no holdups for about 50 miles the other day. I did nothing more than feather the throttle. Trip computer barely broke 50 for that stretch and that computer on my machine always exaggerates by about 2mpg.

But I agree on the fact that everything else is a massive improvement.

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Don't you find you need to use a lot of throttle when starting or doing hill starts? I found the TDCI 130 to be very poor in torque at low revs, and the turbo cuts in suddenly, not at all like the style of the 2.0 HDI Peugeot/Citroen engines.

I drove a C3 with the 1.4 HDI 16v 92bhp engine, that too has a sudden turbo, but you don't need to use half throttle to set off without stalling.

On my 3rd Citroen. Saxo, Xsara, C5.
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My Merc E-320 CDI seems to sit at about 30 - 35mpg with normal driving and around 40mpg on a nice motorway cruise at about 90mph. Do you think these figures are good or bad bearing in mind it is a very powerfull car that leaves most petrol cars for dead.
P.S. I drive fairly quickly
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Our C3 16V seems to be holding at a steady 60-62 mpg. This at 6,000 miles old.

Any motorway cruising done at a steady 2,900 revs which gives a comfortable 80 something mph. It is very quiet at this speed.

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Reliability shouldn't be a problem - the Peugeot 405 1.9TD engine will last to 385,000 miles with regular oil changes (I've known 3 of them go pop within a few hundred miles of this figure!), the Mondeo 1.8TD goes well over 300,000 miles again with regular oil changes.
Economy does seem to vary according to the car - my experiences are:
H-reg Maestro van, 2.0 non turbo D, 300,000m, 60-91(!)mpg,
K-reg Cavalier 1.7TD, 185,000m, 50-56mpg
M-reg Mondeo 1.8TD, 320,000m, 45-50mpg
P-reg Peugeot 405 1.9TD, 380,000m, 50-60mpg
Y-reg Octavia, 1.9 non turbo D, from new to 152,000m so far, 44-64mpg
X-reg Primera 2.0TD, 30,000m, 34-38mpg.

The Maestro van was almost always used on motorways, all the cars have been used for taxi work, local and long distance in roughly equal measure.
The only reason I can give for the Skoda's economy being somewhat lower than the others is that I've had the car from new, I know it's been looked after, so I don't feel the need to "nurse" it along.
And the Nissan, well - I don't know if it was just a Friday afternoon car or what, but it didn't go any faster than the Skoda and it had a more severe thirst than my 2.0 petrol Mondeo does! Lucky it was only a courtesy car (3 weeks, 6,000 miles)
turbodiesels and fuel economy - kal
seems good to me is it an auto?
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My Passat TDI PD (115 bhp chipped to 140) gives me 45mpg give or take 1mpg. I went to France last week with a temporary repair to one of the passenger windows which limited me to 70-80 mph. This plus some steady (at or just over the speed limits most of the time) driving gave me 52.9 mpg over 800 miles of mixed "A" and "N" routes much of it fully loaded with booze.

My brother has a Picasso HDI and he regularly gets mid 40s and nudges 50 on a run. He's never late whereas I always seem to be.

We have 2 Mondeo TDCIs in the business and they are definitely a few mpg "thirstier" than the Avensis D4Ds which averaged around 44mpg.

turbodiesels and fuel economy - Pat L

Off topic slightly but I'm interested in your chipped Passat? (see my post earlier in the thread)Could you please give me brief answers to the following questions:

where did you have it done?
how much did it cost?
performance results?
economy results?
insurance premium??



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