111 to Ka and insurance - dave18
Mum wants a Ka; Ive told her that she can get a Collection for £5999 rather than Ford's £8495. Her first response was about insurance - will it be significantly higher than a base spec? She's 37 and I think she has full NCD but Im not certain. I think she pays about £300 on the 111 with Direct Line, does anyone have any cheap insurance suggestions?
Her current car is a very neglected 111, P reg, 47k. God knows when it was last serviced, the clutch is worn and its a bit tappety. Im guessing its worth about £1200 privately but is it worth her trading it in for the convenience? How much would a place like Trade Sales offer?
Posted earlier - how can she tell whether it has the new engine by simply looking under the bonnet?
Finally, she complained earlier about how the 111 was 'falling to bits.' Lets just say it wasn't when she got it. She has the kiss of death on cars because she doesn't believe in servicing. Therefore will a Ka be comparatively immune to neglect, if it is the new engine version? She doesn't hammer cars, she just drives them into the ground ('its running fine' for 20000 miles or so then 'this car's crap.')
111 to Ka and insurance - SjB {P}
Leave the spark plugs in any Ka with the original 1.3 engine for an extended period of time, and you'll never get them out. They corrode in place. See countless other threads on this.
111 to Ka and insurance - dave18
Yep, have heard about this, just simply told her 'its the old Fiesta engine' so she wants to know how to identify the new one by looking under the bonnet.
111 to Ka and insurance - Dave_TD
Simple, the "new" engine hasn't actually been launched in the Ka yet, they are all the "old" one.
111 to Ka and insurance - DavidHM
Eh? I'm not convinced that the new engine is a huge advance over the old one, but all new Kas will have 70 bhp, rather than 60 bhp engines. I'd still recommend regular servicing though, because it's cheap and it keeps the warranty valid, whether or not the plugs are changed.

As far as insurance is concerned, it's a complete non issue - the difference in insurance premium between a base model and the Collection probably wouldn't buy you a kebab, if there's any at all that is. Did you get in touch with www.pwmillar.co.uk - they're very cheap, UK cars with warranty and free (!) insurance. My parents bought from them, because they're more or less local, and I'd recommend them any time. Ask for Randall.

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