Old Which? Road Tests - M.M
As Which? came to mind in the reliability threads it started me thinking about some of their old road tests from the 1960s.

I recall they were being down on the Lotus Elan for lack of luggage space and saying a Bentley would be expensive to run!

Other gems included pictures of a Vauxhall Victor 101 demonstrating a serious lack of roll resistance. I think they tested the 1600cc two speed auto version on one occasion...that was some machine!

In the local library they would always have a series of hardback Which? road test compilation books for each year.

Anyone remember these? In fact any interesting ones in the loft you don't want? Be really amusing to read through them again knowing now what we know now of the average 1960s car.

I do have loads of old Autocar/Motor mags but these mostly start around 1971 so the 1960s are poorly represented in my reading matter.

Now if only Chris Watson was still here he'd have them for us in a flash...there was a guy with contacts.

Old Which? Road Tests - Marc
The libraries in most of the towns I have lived in still carry these annuals going back to about 1967 and yes they make excellent reading (classic car bore I'm afraid). I particularly liked the ownership roadtest of the TR7 they did around 1976/77 - the amount of defects on delivery was staggering including loose wheels, one odd sized tyre and a rusted pop up headlamp. Makes you wonder why people bought BL products in the 70s
Old Which? Road Tests - M.M
Thanks Marc...never thought the libraries might still have any old ones. I'll look in town today.

The Which issue I would love had a test of four £1500 cars. A used Aston Martin DB5 and a used Bentley S1 against a new??...now I'm struggling a bit but something like a Humber Hawk and a Ford Zodiac.

I could be wrong on the detail but you get the idea. I'm sure it would be interesting reading today.

Always keep your eyes open, in a minute I'm passing by the local charity shop which appears to have a limited print run book on a specific Ferrari model from the 50s/60s. Sort of thing that is usually wrapped in clingfilm and about £20 at the autojumbles. They want 50p!


Old Which? Road Tests - Clanger

I remember reading a Which? road test of sports cars in the 60's. Mum's modelling career was in its ascendant and she was looking for a sports car with which to replace her Hillman Imp.
The test was between a Triumph Spitfire and an Austin Healey Sprite and an MG Midget (thorough, those Which? guys).

Dad read the test and hooted with laughter because it said that the Spitfire's heater wasn't good enough to cope when the roof was down. Dad's answer was simple; put the hood up or wear a bigger coat.

Mum bought the Spitfire and I had the joyous experience at 15 of getting it up to 70 mph at Tockwith airfield before Mum's nerve (and the runway) gave out.


Old Which? Road Tests - Tim Allcott
MM, I've got a copy of the first collection from our local library when they sold it off.
I wouldn't want to part with it (sad that I am) but I would be willing to lend it (well, it was a library book) email me direct if interested...


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