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Battery Condition - Kevin Galtrey
I have an old car which will be garaged over the winter, I beleiev there is a device that will maintainthe battery condition, is there? and how do I get one?


Kevin G
Re: Battery Condition - M Smith
You can buy one fom Halfords, it's like a small battery charger and can be left on all the time. At least they were selling them a couple of months ago.
Re: Battery Condition - M Smith
Just got another product. Go to and click in the section battery conditioner. They do one about £40 inc vat and is much dearer than the one in Halfords which I think was about £20. I sent away for the more expensive one and realised a couple of months later Halfords were sellling the same type of thing for a lot less. It is designed for people with cars that are stood up during the winter, so it should be what you are looking for. Hope this helps.
Re: Battery Condition - simon saxton

A quality product is the Airflow battery conditioner for any 12 volt battery,it constantly trickle charges batteries without overcharging & can be used either on or off the car.I have used one constantly for the past 2 years,on the car in the winter & on other batteries in the summer. HJ recommended & his dad has used for years!

Re: Battery Condition - honest john
I can confirm that I've had my Airdlow Battery Conditioner for about 6 years and it's always done the job with no damage to the electrics of any car I'v attached it to. I bought mine at a London Motor Show. It wasn't a freebie.


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