Rover Radiator - mattj0nes
I have a P reg rover 214 si and want to know if the radiator out of a 218 diesel will fit. Or any other radiator (Have you seen the price of these things £60++)
I can get almost any other radiator on ebay except the one for a rover 214
Rover Radiator - ShereKhan
Try Britt Parts I used to use them when I had a Rover 214 SEi late wedge shape. They sell new parts too. I bought a radiator from them last year for £58 inc VAT.
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Rover Radiator - Altea Ego
Matt, I assume this is for the salvaged Rover you bought and mentioned on other posts. 60 quid is pretty good value for a radiator in my opinion. Surely you budget for fixing up a salvaged car when you buy it?
Rover Radiator - Cyd
IMO £60 is good value.
Rover Radiator - Robin the Technician
The two radiators you refer to are completely incompatible. The diesel one is more heavy duty and the hose outlets are different. Get a quote from your local Serck radiators- I think you will get one off the shelf for a reasonable price.

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