Heater blower - welshy
I have a 1994 Peugeot 405 1.6i , now all of a sudden the heater blower will not work . When I started the car this morning it was working fine , went into do a bit of shopping , jumped back in the car and its not blowing at all .
I have no idea why its not working , can anyone please help me ?
Heater blower - Marcos{P}
Had a similar problem on my Ford orion years ago. I traced it back to the fusebox and found the solder track had burnt out. I resoldered it and it carried on working till I sold it.
Ford wanted about 200 quid for a new one.
Heater blower - Primera_p
Just a thought but...

Does it work on any of the settings?

The primera has got a variable resistor for blower speed. When it fails the blower only works on full blast.

Presumably other cars have a similar mechanism.


Heater blower - welshy
Thanks for the replies . The problem with it is when I start the car when its cold after its been parked up overnight the interior heater fan works fine , as its a variable control fan it works very well indeed . But after the car has been driven for a while (when the car warms up ) the fan decides to stop working completely .
Heater blower - welshy
I have phoned a garage this morning and they said it sounds like the resistor has failed on the heater fan . They said that I will have to buy a complete fan assembly at a cost of about £140 !! Looking on the Andyspares website they sell just a resistor pack for about £40 . Can someone shed some light as to what to do ??
Heater blower - Primera_p
Try a breaker's yard if you don't want to fork out for the new part. I think I paid £30 for the resistor for mine - probably about .1p worth of materials!

I wish I'd tried to breaker's yard myself but u live and learn!!
Heater blower - welshy
I have been thinking about the scrapyard for the part , but im worried that the heater motors are different between the series one 405 and the series two (which is what we have ) .
Heater blower - Dynamic Dave
By fitting a new fan assembly the garage is probably just covering themselves. If they were just to fit a new resistor pack and the motor was semi-siezed or drawing extra current for other reasons for instance, then the new resistor pack would fail and they would just have to repeat all the work again plus fitting a new fan assembly.
Heater blower - welshy
I am very curious though , as to why the heater works fine 1st thing in the morning when the engines cold , and then as soon as it warms up to running temperature (90 degrees) the blower fan stops . why ?
Heater blower - Dynamic Dave
heater works fine 1st thing in the morning then as soon as it
warms up the blower fan stops . why ?

Could be several things.

You have a high resistance joint in the wiring somewhere.
Maybe one of the windings in the motor is faulty and when hot it breaks down.

I suspect as the blower works fine when cold, the resistor pack is ok, and the actual fault is with the motor and that is why the garage suggest changing the whole lot.

On the full speed setting the resistor pack is bypassed. Does the fan motor still stall at the full speed setting?
Heater blower - welshy
Yes it will give up on full speed or anywhere in between , I have thought about taking out the heater motor and maybe giving it a good clean . What do you think ? As I can see that the heater motor is only secured by three screws under the passenger side of the dashboard .
Heater blower(update) - welshy
Now im really cheesed off !! I bought a new heater motor assembly and fitted it myself as its so easy .
Now like before , blower works fine when.............yes its stopped again !!!!!
What on earth is wrong ? Is there anything behind the slider control on the dash ?!?!? that could be the problem ???
Heater blower(update) - los
New or second hand? the problem should be the module (voltage regulater incorporated in the fan unit), which is very sensitive to heat.
Heater blower(update) - welshy
the motor was brand new


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