1.6 Escort Thermostat - william s
After replacing the thermostat on my 1.6 escort (oncore), the engine idle speed increased, I dont think i replaced the rubber seal around the thermostat,Can anybody tell me is this the result
1.6 Escort Thermostat - jc
If water leaks past the thermostat the engine won't warm up as quickly and it will stay on fast-idle much longer.
1.6 Escort Thermostat - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
From memory the Encore is an older carburettor model? If so you may well have an air lock in the auto choke housing. With the engine running loosen off the hose clip of the uppermost hose to the heat mass on the choke and ease the hose back until the hose is just open a crack. As soon as coolant runs from the hose push it back on and tighten it up. Top up coolant. If you didnt replace the o ring on the stat the stat may not have located properly and will turn and allow the coolant to bypass it and the engine will not warm up as per the previous post. Clue will be the temp gauge will show cold all the time.

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1.6 Escort Thermostat - william s
Thanks for the info...Tried this and it worked :-)

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