Renault diesel-unfeasibly high emissions - davediesel
My 1996 60,000 mile Laguna diesel failed it's MOT emissions test - which at 60k miles it shouldn't do I reckon.

Maybe my daily 5 mile trips are to blame in that the engine never really warms up or gets a fast run?

Can anyone suggest the the cheapest way of fixing this - a mate reckons I need to change the injectors...?
Renault diesel-unfeasibly high emissions - Altea Ego
Check out the various threads on here re italian tuning, diesel addatives, and oil changes. Some or all in tandem will more than likely cure your problem.
Renault diesel-unfeasibly high emissions - Mondaywoe
I take my Mum's diesel Clio up to a local garage for it's MOT every year. It only does about 1000 miles per year and all short trips. When I phone to book, the mechanic say to 'give her plenty of boot in third gear all the way to the garage'.I do and very year it passes with flying colours. Mind you, I always change the oil and filters just before the MOT - that helps too.

Renault diesel-unfeasibly high emissions - Robin the Technician
Diesels need to be driven hard to keep the internals clean. Take the car for a hard drive for about 10 miles just before you take it for re-test. I'm sure it will pass. Every year since I've had diesels (11 years) I have taken the car for a good 'thrash' on its way to mot. It certainly worked for me and they never failed on emissions.

These are the views of Robin the Technician with 35 years in the trade. I fix, therefore I am...


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