firing on 3 cylinder - Anthony Oliver
my mates ax gt g reg 1.4 is firing on 3 cylinders,

but when you rev it up it goes to 4, comes back to idle holds it for a few seconds and then looses it again. whats the prob?

i\'ve had the head of and renewed the valve oil seals, new head gasket etc

the problem was like this before thats why i tried to fix it. hehe do it yourselfers

firing on 3 cylinder - Peter D
Assuming it is not a duff plug an HT lead or dist cap, I assume you went down that road before taking the head off, it sounds like a fuel injector is blocked or lazy. The spray pattern and volume requires to be tested. Good Luck Peter.
firing on 3 cylinder - Anthony Oliver
new plugs leads etc, its carb not injector sorry didn't mention that.
firing on 3 cylinder - SkyMan
I take it you've narrowed down which cylinder is mis-firing.

I wonder if it could be lack of compression (i.e. its not missing, but is just not creating any power on that cylinder)

Bit of a looooong shot but you've replaced the obvious :()

BTW - what does the spark plug from the missing cylinder look like?

firing on 3 cylinder - Anthony Oliver
it was liquid oily, but since i changed the valve stem seals its gone to solid black - running rich.

it sounds like the 2rd cylinder is back now, but still is a begger to keep idle u have to keep the choke out for it it to idle ok above 1,000 rpm

its a cast steel head, and oil top has water in it , white stuff. is it unlikely the head got warped and when i put it back it started to leak water cos i didn't get it skimmed.

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