Impreza Advice, please. - P.Mason {P}
I'm going to look at and test drive an Subaru Impreza Hatchback this evening. M Reg, 1.8, 4WD, 98K. Asking price £2400 (which seems a bit high according to Parker's.) A local private sale.
It looks very nice, no dings or scratches, and clean interior. Nice colour too - pale green metallic.
Are there any Impreza owners out there who could give me some pointers/questions to ask the seller?
I'll be looking for FSH and evidence of cambelt renewal etc., I've checked HJ's car by car breakdown - are there any other special points I should be looking for?
Thanks in anticipation,
Impreza Advice, please. - J Bonington Jagworth
Sounds a lot for an 8/9 year-old, but you should get at least 5 years' motoring. Take the Parker's with you and do the usual checks, including full-lock turns (CV joints). If it's had a very gentle life, it may not want to rev - this can be remedied with an Italian tune-up!
Impreza Advice, please. - P.Mason {P}
Many thanks for the advice.
The seller lives just 100 yards down the road and seems genuine. The deciding factor, everything else being satisfactory, will be if my wife likes the car - she has had an automatic Civic for the past 8 months but would like a manual car that is 'more exciting to drive!'
Impreza Advice, please. - carayzee
Strange choice of car if you don't need the 4WD. Use lots of fuel (relatively speaking) due the 4wd and need more servicing than most cars. Probably less "exciting" to drive that the Civic.
Have a look at the FAQs on and
for more info.


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