astra 1.7 TDL turbo problems - plm
I've had my astra 1.7 TDL (1997 GM engine) off the road for a week now, after it started smoking very heavily (white smoke) and was overrevving intermittently.

I had it looked at and there was damage to one of the valve fingers. When this was fixed the engine still had the overevving problem. The mechanic I took it to also found that the Turbo was pulling a lot of oil into the engine through a knackered shaft.

I'm unsure whether to get the turbo fixed only to find that the diesel pump is also on the blink (mentioned by several people and expensive!!!)

Am I throwing good money after bad getting the turbo done?
astra 1.7 TDL turbo problems - AndyT
I remember that some older VW Golfs could suffer from a revving-up problem which stemmed from engine oil getting into the air filter housing (via the breather), and then getting sucked into the engine where it acted like extra fuel over-revving the engine.

I just wonder if the turbo sucking oil into the engine could be the cause of your problem?
astra 1.7 TDL turbo problems - Railroad
Bosch VE Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps are very reliable on these engines. What makes you think it's on the way out?

If you get black smoke from the exhaust, the problem is more likely to be injectors than the pump. You can have them serviced or simply replace them. I renewed mine for £28 each. It runs really well and doesn't smoke even with 177,000 miles on the clock.

If it's idling or erratic running check all fuel hose connections, especially around the filter, and eradicate any air leaks. The pump should be suspected last of all and is very unlikely to be at fault.

It may also pay you to renew the injector pipes too. They become worn and cause erratic running. Buy them as a complete set with clips already fitted from a Vauxhall dealer. To change them is an easy 5 minute job, all you need is a 17mm spanner.
astra 1.7 TDL turbo problems - plm
Thanks for the advice on diesel pump - pays to do a bit of homework!

Got the turbo sorted and took your advice on the injectors and it's running OK now.


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