Vectra Knocking - steveb
Hi Guys,

I've recently noticed a knocking sound coming from the front of my 01-Y Vectra Estate at low speeds <20 mph over rough surfaces.

With the car stationery, holding on to the roofrails - I knew they had some use - and rocking the car side to side the knocking is very noticable, and gets louder the harder I push !

Anyone had any experience of this problem and what the fix is ?

I would presume its the shocks, however the car's only done 30k in 2 years - slightly above average I know - but surely too soon for wear and tear of this nature. Neither of the front shocks are leaking as far as I can see.


Vectra Knocking - Andrew Mullin
Don't know what the problm is, or what the fix is, but my Vectra has exactly the same problem. I don't have the benefit of roof rails on the saloon and to be honest, I can't decide if it's coming from the front or the rear! It's been doing it for a year or so now, but as most of my driving is on motorways I just ignore it around the country roads - turn up the stereo is my solution! I would be very interested in fixing it though.

Vectra Knocking - DavidHM
Just had a knocking problem fixed (more or less) on my car - not a Vectra . On the one hand, there was a problem with a shock absorber bush - the shocker itself was fine - but it was rattling quite badly.

The other problem I had was a loose exhaust bracket in the middle of the car. Particularly if you can't decide if it's from the front or rear, this could be the problem and is a nice simple fix that a Fast Fit or whatever could probably do.
Vectra Knocking - steveb
Sent the car in today (at last) to dealer to get this resolved.

Had to chase them up mid afternoon - "err - sorry we've lost the mechanics report - we'll have to call you back...".

Ten minutes later - "We've done a visual inspection under the car and can't find anything wrong." !!! This is despite the knocking worse than ever from the front over even the slightest imperfection in the road !

My reply was for them to stand beside the car, grab hold of the roof rails, rock the car side to side, and then listen to the front. - "err right - we'll try."

Twenty minutes later - "yes - we've discovered one of the anti-roll bar linkages is broken ...!!!" Despite the thorough visual check !!! I give up.

Needless to say both were replaced under warranty at no cost.

Vauxhall dealers .....
Vectra Knocking - king arthur
Unbelievable. Next time, try taking your car to the nearest zoo and getting some monkeys to have a look at it. They'll probably have more of a clue...
Vectra Knocking - Altea Ego
Unbelievable. Next time, try taking your car to the nearest
zoo and getting some monkeys to have a look at it.
They'll probably have more of a clue...

And of course you can pay them peanuts
Vectra Knocking - David Lacey
Without even looking I would have suspected the ARB links or mountings - they give loads of trouble.

Low mileage Clio Diesel in yesterday - both links were completely snapped, leaving the roll-bar completely disconnected!
Vectra Knocking - steveb
Looking at the new links, for what is a large car with a large engine, they seem pretty insubstantial given the potential cornering and bump forces likely ....

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