Saxo gears - BobbyG
I have a P reg Saxo, 1.5 diesel. One problem I have had with it is the fact that it will sometimes jump out of 5 th gear. It will never do it if you're accelerating or cruising, it only does it if, for instance, you are coming off a motorway slip road. Any ideas what is causing it and how easy/cheap it would be to fix?
I have lived with it for a year so its not "life or death" to get it sorted.

Saxo gears - madf
Check the gearbox oil level first.
Saxo gears - BobbyG
Gearbox oil is fine....
Saxo gears - OldOiler
Might be weak syncro and or location spring - check our HR car by car breakdown - may be a known design fault. Had a Rover400 diesel with this problem - did over 100k ! this fault was corrected in the later builds.
good luck

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