N/A - Well, it made me laugh... - FP

I usually ignore stuff in my e-mail spam box, but out of curiosity I opened one just now. It's the usual rubbish about lots of money being available to me if I pretend to be some deceased person's next-of-kin.

Predictably, the standard of expression is execrable, but unintentionally humorous:

"... I want to let you know I contacted you in this transaction so that we will work together to archive this goal without much delay , dear be informed that the deceased client was a customer to our bank and he died few years ago with his family in a car accident and left the total sum of $4..6 million dollars in his dormant account, leaving no body behind..."

Apart from reading the kind offer to do some archiving with the spammer, I was alarmed to find that no corpse was found after the car accident.

N/A - Well, it made me laugh... - concrete

With no body to work with how will you archive this goal??? Concrete


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