- Risky
I came across this dealer via a link from this site and was very impressed with the 'pre-registered' price of a particular model that I am looking to buy. Having checked out their site it appears they are a relatively new start outfit (vat no. gives it away)and therefore wonderered whether I should be concerned with dealing with a new start outfit? Has anyone used them before? and if so, how were they? What should I look out for in dealing with a 'pre-registered' vehicle? With only delivery mileage and the full manufacturer's warranty, am I really being over cautious or is this an area with pitfalls?
I would be very grateful for any advice / tips before I take the plunge
Many thanks
Risky. - Colin M
One of the directors, Terry Gilroy, set up and then "1-STOP IMPORTS". Do a search of Google groups and a few of the relevant import forums to see what turns up. A domain name search will show Mr Gilroys home address and you can check with the background to his other companies.

He appears to have a history in the trade, just check out it's clean and you should be OK. The import industry is extremely competitive with most players moving into UK sourcing now the Euro has reached a 4 year high of 1.405 and importing is no longer financially viable. - Sparky
I am looking at at moment as well they offer very good prices on UK-supplied pre-reg cars and am concerned about similar things to 'Risky', this is a fairly new startup being only a matter of months old according to companieshouse but I don't know how to find any informatio out about directors etc. They appear to be a company based in a small office in the backstreets of Stockport, I don't know if that should put me off or not.. - Rebecca {P}
Have you looked at the websites of some of the brokers that HJ often lists in the News column? I think several people on here have bought from them. How do their prices compare with these start ups?? You wouldn't have the 'pre-registered' issue from them, you'd be the first owner with the full warranties, and your contract would be with an established main dealer (at prices you would never be offered by the dealership direct). - Risky
I've checked out the brokers listed on this site also, and although their prices are very keen, on the model I'm looking at the difference is as much as £1,100 between the lowest broker and the pre-registered price from UKCars4Less.

I'm off to search the web for any info about them. Any previous customers out there?

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