vca emissions error - Huw
Should I be surprised that the VCA database advises VED of £105 for a new Suzuki Wagon R but because the Registration Document says emissions are 152 g/km when you go to the Post Office you get charged £125?

I Asked the dealer what was up and they said they could only use the figure quoted on the Reg Doc. I phoned Suzuki and they said the emissions were 145g/km but as I could only talk to a C3PO [customer services] he could not give any reason for the discrepancy. I asked to talk to an R2D2 [technical] but you have to be a Suzuki dealer to be able to talk to an R2D2. The dealer phoned them and was told that the newest Wagon R is a bit heavier than older models so the emissions have gone up.

Why has the VCA database not been updated? It clearly can not be taken as a reliable up to date research tool for anyone comparing new vehicles VED.
vca emissions error - Rebecca {P}
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr this hit a nerve with me too...It is absolutely NOT reliable.

The VCA website and the SMMT website did not show the same emissions for my (ex) BMW either, despite the fact the Inland Revenue site tell you to use either. The Revenue's own data appears to come from the SMMT version - which matched the Reg document.

What does the SMMT site give for your Suzuki?
vca emissions error - daveyjp
You try getting a figure for a smart - absolute nightmare. a) Is it a Mark 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 2G? If answer to a) is 1,2,3,or 4 it goes on engine size. If answer is 5 - does it have an auto option fitted? If no answer is lowest band if yes mid band. If answer a) is 6 or 2G then lowest band regardless of auto fitted or not, BUT if answer is 2G with spikline wheels fitted then mid band as CO2 is increased. Confused, so are we!!

In a similar vain my V5 states the cc of my Audi A2 as 1390cc when its actually 1422cc - check the emissions site via DVLA site and it says 1422cc. Inform DVLA of the error answer - 'we don't prepare the engine size database!!'.
vca emissions error - Huw
Cheers davey. 'Glad' its not just me having trouble here or I might have started to think I was being unreasonable to expect consistancy.

Rebecca - I can't see a link to Suzuki emissioons from the SMMT - It seems to only have links to posh cars and Renaults- please educate me. Where should I look to see Suzuki emissions?
vca emissions error - Rebecca {P}
Try here

The CO2 search facility is there on the site, just not easy to find. Once in to it you selct the manufacturer, then it gives you the choice of models, then transmission etc etc.

The Suzuki Wagon is on there - just checked
vca emissions error - Dynamic Dave
Try here

HJ, is this worthy of an addition to the Useful Websites?
vca emissions error - Huw
Thanks Rebecca - Very interesting that it gives the same figure as the first one given by the Suzuki C3P0 and probably the same as the one being used by VCA - but not the one on the Registration Document which will be used by the post office to take an extra £20 a year off me.

I guess I should be grateful that it is consistant with one of the other values rather than an entirely new one to add to the confusion but its a bit disappointing that a motorist can get significantly different values depending upon which 'respectable and reliable' sources they use.

Anyway £20 a year more for 2g/km more than the lower band - I hope Gordon spends it wisely.


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